Welcome to Carmelkats Burmese Cattery, Located in the Tennessee Valley in northern Alabama.

Burmese cat in templeThe Burmese cat as it is bred in The United States is a cat of rounder and heavier boning, musculature and conformation than its cousin, the European Burmese. With its round golden eyes, which are always imploring you for more love, short single silken coat, and gorgeous coloring, it is a singularly appealing cat. Those with a taste for the gourmet will indulge in not one, but several.

This is a cat that will always want to be with you, often on you as you go about your life (many Burmese ride the shoulders of their persons about the house).

The Burmese will follow you as you do your house chores, help with the cooking, and supervise the clean up. If a night of computer work is in store, your Burmese will want to hang out on the keyboard; we suggest a bed on the desk as a compromise.

Bed time snuggles at Carmelkats Burmese CatteryIf reading a book or viewing some TV is the plan, your Burmese will cuddle up on you and expect you share that cheese snack. A game of fetch the ball or catch the laser light is great during commercials.

Bed time finds you as a snuggle companion, and many Burmese favor your pillow, so king-sized ones are better to share. Often a Burmese will join you under the covers in the cool of winter nights, or if your A/C is set to “high”.

Burmese will even travel well after they become accustomed to the motion inside a car. Mine often ride “shotgun” strapped in their carrier with seat belt, door pointed to me for lots of nose touches, on solo rides to cat shows. A few have gotten so good they would ride in a bed strapped in the passenger seat.

Thai temple doors - Burmese kittens

Even in their days as temple cats in the Buddhist Wats, Burmese were known for being in the middle of life. They are sometimes referred to as “guard cats”, probably due to their penchant for being up high where they can view all that goes on. The distinctive hair pattern growth above their eyes may cause their eyes to look always open to a bird or other small prey. We do know their care was often given to young monk novitiates.

Traditionally carved Thai temple doors open, to welcome you in your search for the perfect pet.

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