Celebrity Pets – Burmese Cats On The Red Carpet

Cherry Judd Instagram (c) Rebecca JuddCelebrity pets have not often been Burmese cats – until now. Australian fashion model, speech pathologist, and TV presenter Rebecca Judd and her family recently adopted a Burmese cat they’ve named Cherry.

Miley Cyrus has kennels full of dogs, and has helped Liam Hemsworth choose a new dog for himself. Paris Hilton commissioned a two-level air conditioned doghouse for her managerie.  And Rebecca Judd seems very taken with her new Burmese!

In a recent Daily Mail article, Judd enthuses about the family’s new feline companion:

“For everyone asking, she’s a lilac Burmese. I’ve always had cats but never a Burmese but chose her as apparently they are great with kids.  One hour in and she is obsessed with them and they love her too.”

Burmese kittens | Herding catsAs Ms Judd discovered, Burmese are very good around children. We get lots of inquiries about cats & kids here at Carmelkats, and the answer is always a happy “Yes”! As we explain in our FAQ, “Due to their outgoing and confident nature, Burms will adapt quickly to many household situations and noises. They enjoy cuddling and lots of attention, however, always caution young children to be loving and gentle with their Burm and to please not pull their tail.”

We wish the Judd family and Cherry all the best!

"Lazzy" - Ayshazen Lazzyruss - The IAMS TV cat - Chocolate BurmeseAnd while we’re on the subject of celebrity pets, sometimes the pets are bigger celebrities than their owners. A recent article on Priceonomics.com gives an excellent overview of the phenomenon.  For example, most folks have, by now, encountered Grumpy Cat.  There’s also Esther, the Wonder Pig and Toast, the tongue-dragging King Charles Spaniel.

Then there is perhaps the most famous Burmese celebrity, Ayshazen Lazzyruss, the IAMS TV Commercial Cat. For several years, “Lazzy” was the TV spokescat for IAMS cat food. Sadly, Lazzy passed away in 2014.

Does your pet (Burmese, bulldog, ferret, hamster, goldfish) have what it takes to be a star? Feel free to let us know, in the comments below!

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