A New Home For Carmelkats

Life brings changes, that much is certain.  Recently, I relocated to Alabama, to be closer to my son.  Life in the Ozarks was lovely, but I needed a bit of assistance.  My son found it difficult to help me, with so many miles between us.  So I packed up myself, my service dog Josie, some Burmese cats, and started a new life here in Decatur.

Retired Veteran holding Burmese cat Carmelkats As management at my new residence came to know me better, they gave me encouragement to continue my hobby of 30+ years – breeding Burmese, though on a smaller scale now.  Residents of this Independent Living Community are encouraged to live full, rich lives.  Thus the community now includes The Brookdale 7, as we laughingly call the 7 Burmese kittens.
How long I will be physically able to raise kittens is always a question now, but there is hope for a few more years.  The kittens add another level of interest for many of the residents here, and the kittens gladly do ‘people therapy’.

Come meet a Carmel Kitten here, near the Rocket City of NASA fame in Huntsville, and enjoy the many other sights to be found in this part of Alabama!  Our community has a lovely 2 bedroom guest apartment for visitors.

Come find a dash of the unexpected in North Alabama! So much to see and do!  Now, back to the kitties!

– Jenny

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