Charities and Volunteering

Wat Taphan Temple Cat CareWhenever we can, Carmelkats puts a bit of money towards some charitable efforts, such as the Thai Temple Cats – via Wat Taphan Temple Cat Care.

Wat Taphan Temple Cat Care is located in Thailand, and they do some remarkable work there, rescuing and rehabilitating cats from the streets of Bangkok.

Carmelkats is happy and honored to assist their effort, in a small way, for a number of reasons.  Not only are they doing great humanitarian work, but they also help us to get strong healthy cats to use in our outcross programs.  A simple $5.00 donation every month would mean so much to them.

If you wish to help support their efforts, you can send funds via PayPal to, or contribute through their page at

You can also follow Wat Taphan Temple Cat Care on Facebook at

Do you know of some worthy organizations that deserve our support?  Please feel free to contact us with information about your favorite charities or volunteer organizations.